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Who are We?

The Shirlie Project is a supported employment agency and was established in October 1994.

The Shirlie Project represents people who need support looking for employment within their chosen field.  We have developed an excellent service across the Highlands, which is proving to be very successful.

The aims of the Project are:
  •     Paid employment for those who need support in gaining or maintaining employment
  •     Enable individuals to achieve their potential
  •     Independence and respect in the workplace
  •     Enable individuals to achieve payment at the going rate.
The Services offered by the project are:
  •     Ensure that the job is done to the high standards demanded by the  employer
  •     Advice for the staff who will be working with people who have support issues
  •     Provide on-the-job training to individuals with support issues
  •     Offer assistance with benefits and appropriate finance
  •     Guaranteed prompt call out service
  •     Provide a professional service to both the employee and the  employer.
The Project offers employment support to:
  •     Employers across the Highlands
  •     People  who need support looking for employment
  •     School leavers looking for positive work  experience.